BIPOCann has readily available assistance for businesses and government offices interested in cannabis industry entry, growth, and expansion. 

Business Capabilities

Business Coaching
Business Development
Public Relations
Supplier Diversity

Tiana Woodruff, CEO of Queen Mary, a California and Colorado-based edibles brand, shares how BIPOCann’s mentorship services helped her business.

Conference Capabilities

Event Marketing
Panel Design
Speaker Recruitment
Content Moderation
Diversity Strategy

BIPOCann helps conference organizers achieve diversity goals by tapping into subject matter expertise from our membership network. At the 2023 Cannabis Capital Conference, BIPOCann designed and moderated the “Invest in Emerging BIPOC Cannabis Brands” panel, allowing member businesses to share their stories to investors.

Government Capabilities

Cannabis Industry Advisory
Social Equity Advisory
Stakeholder Engagement
Technical Assistance
Mentorship Program Design

BIPOCann helps government offices increase their social equity and diversity impacts through advisory, technical assistance, and program management services. Since 2022, BIPOCann has partnered with Colorado’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade to provide social equity grant winners with business mentorship.

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