Connecting BIPOC businesses, professionals, and supporting cannabis industry brands.




BIPOCANN is working to make the legal cannabis industry more accessible and profitable for BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) business professionals. This is done through marketing, technology, recruitment, and strategic partnerships.

The BIPOC Cannabis Business Network is the company’s focal point for increasing visibility. Through its public-facing directory, BIPOC-owned businesses and supporting brands are seen and recognized for their efforts in aligning with, promoting, and creating opportunities that uplift BIPOC cannabis businesses and professionals.

The BIPOC Cannabis Business Network is a safe, inclusive space for connectivity. Valuable business introductions are made – between supporters, allies, and advocates – to advance BIPOC representation and economic growth in the legal cannabis industry. 

our mission

Increase BIPOC visibility to advance representation and economic growth in the legal cannabis industry of the Americas. 


Ernest L. Toney


Prior to founding BIPOCANN, Ernest managed global marketing and partnership initiatives for Marijuana Business Daily – the world’s leading business news and information resource for the medical and retail cannabis industry, and producer of the industry’s largest suite of B2B tradeshows, MJBizCon.

As their partnerships manager, he negotiated and managed domestic and global marketing agreements to support the company’s portfolio of business information products. He also led MJBizDaily’s international marketing campaigns to support the company’s expansion into the Canadian, European, and Latin American markets.

Before cannabis, Ernest spent five years working in sports governance. At a U.S. Olympic Committee sports organization, he scaled national programs, doubled event revenues, and implemented policies that made athlete programs more accessible and equitable for gender, racial, and age-based minorities.

Ernest brings expertise in event and product marketing, business development, and customer acquisition to support BIPOC Cannabis Business Network. 

Zachary Walker

Social Media Director

Zachary is an energetic marketer who brings more than 10 years of experience in brand amplification and social media, including a strong background in brand strategy, working on several Fortune 200 companies.

Coming from a traditional advertising background, Walker has worked with iconic brands Oscar Mayer, Fireball Whisky, Triscuit, and Kool-Aid to develop and execute digital and social media content strategies that have reached millions of consumers across the globe.

His success with Oscar Mayer afforded him the opportunities to speak at several business and networking events, including Chicago Social Media Week and the SocialRock Conference in Illinois.

He then spent a year leading Social Media and Influencer Marketing for Grassroots Cannabis and its three dispensary brands.