BIPOCANN Cannabis Advocacy. Connecting brands and professionals, service providers and business owners.
Bipocann Legal Cannabis Advocacy

Focus areas


(this is about cannabis social equity)

Cannabis Advocacy

We support efforts to influence policies, attitudes, and behaviors that create a more equitable legal cannabis industry for minorities in cannabis.


(this is about equity staffing)

We connect black-owned cannabis brands & cannabis social equity allies to BIPOC professionals, service providers, and business owners interested in thriving in the cannabis industry.


(this is about relationships)

We leverage the power of relationships to increase business value for black-owned cannabis companies who align with BIPOCANN and its BIPOC Cannabis Business Network. 

OUR MISSION is to increase BIPOC visibility to advance representation and economic growth in the legal cannabis industry of the Americas. BIPOC populations are under-represented in the corporate and profit centers of the multibillion-dollar industry, and continue be the demographics that are most arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for cannabis possession and use.

OUR BRAND represents connecting BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners to the legal cannabis industry (BIPOC + Cannabis = BIPOCANN). We do this through strategies that: educate our target demographics about the opportunities to participate in the legal cannabis industry; directly recruit new minority cannabis entrepreneurs and contractors to the industry; and create valuable collaborations and business relationships within and amongst members of the BIPOCANN Business Network. 

Ernest Toney, Founder

Ernest Toney leads BIPOCANN’s strategic efforts to improve equitable representation for BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners in the cannabis industry’s state-legal markets. 

Prior to BIPOCANN, Ernest managed global marketing initiatives for Marijuana Business Daily, the leading business (B2B) news source for the cannabis industry in the US and Canada, and producer of MJBizCon – the award-winning trade show and expo for cannabis professionals, held annually in Las Vegas.

During his tenure, Ernest grew global partnerships for the company’s family of brands and led marketing campaigns that increased attendance at MJBizDaily’s business conferences in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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