FOCus areas


(this is about equity)

We support efforts to influence policies, attitudes, and behaviors that create a more equitable cannabis industry for BIPOC  communities and individuals.


(this is about representation)

We connect brands to BIPOC professionals, service providers, and business owners interested in thriving in the cannabis industry.


(this is about relationships)

We leverage the power of relationships to increase business value for companies who align with BIPOCANN and its BIPOC Cannabis Business Network. 

BIPOCANN is a small business tackling a large problem  improving the disproportional makeup of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) business owners, contractors, and entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry.

OUR MISSION is to increase BIPOC visibility to advance representation and economic growth in legal cannabis industry of the Americas. BIPOC populations are under-represented in the corporate and profit centers of the billion dollar industry, yet continue be the communities most arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for cannabis possession and use.

WE BELIEVE the nascent cannabis industry, and its business and political leaders, have a unique opportunity to help the communities that have been systemically oppressed and underserved by making it more accessible, inclusive, and economically advantageous.

OUR BRAND literally represents connecting BIPOC to the legal cannabis industry (BIPOC + Cannabis = BIPOCANN). We do this through strategies that: educate our target demographics about the opportunities to participate in the legal cannabis industry; directly recruit new BIPOC entrepreneurs and contractors to the industry; and create valuable collaborations and business relationships within and amongst members of the BIPOCANN Business Network.


Ernest Toney is a cannabis industry insider and connector. His professional career in cannabis began at Marijuana Business Daily — the leading business news resource for medical and retail cannabis, and host of the leading B2B conference and expo, MJBizCon.

Prior to founding BIPOCANN, Ernest worked as MJBizDaily’s international marketing manager and partnership marketing manager, where he led campaigns to increase the company’s global readership, strategic partnerships, and event registrations for business conferences in the United States and abroad.