Willow Industries

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Willow Industries is built on one simple principle: cannabis businesses should have the resources they need to provide patients and consumers with consistently clean products.

Our WillowPure technology is an organic, ozone-based system that safely cleans cannabis flower, hemp and trim without compromising quality, flavor or effect. In fact, this is the only protective technology taken from agriculture and perfected specifically for cannabis.

Our systems mitigate surprises during the testing process and inspections as well as ensures the highest quality product reaches the end consumer.

The WillowPure system was designed to prevent and decontaminate mold, mildew, yeast, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Aspergillus.

The relationship with our cultivators goes beyond our WillowPure systems – it is a continuous partnership that supports the core of our industry. Our clean cannabis team works carefully with each cultivator, providing regulatory knowledge, expert cannabis solutions, and a tailored approach to each grow. 

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