RZA Legal

new jersey cannabis business license
cannabis diversity plan

Location: Denver, Colorado
Serving: Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York

RZA Legal is a woman-owned cannabis law firm that supports entrepreneurs with cannabis legal counsel, business license and compliance services in New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, and New York.


RZA Legal has provided legal solutions to the cannabis industry since 2015. We are dedicated to providing proactive legal guidance and strategy to cannabis: entrepreneurs, investors, brands, landlords, vendors and others. We take the stress out of navigating the confusing laws and regulations out of the picture so our clients can focus on successfully and profitably establishing, growing, and exiting their business.

As a small cannabis business, RZA Legal understands the struggles and unique challenges our clients face and has over 7 years of perspective, experience and dedication to representing and protecting cannabis businesses.

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