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Location: Denver, CO

Figgro is an all-in-one comprehensive Cannabis Seed to Sale Manufacturing and Distribution platform integrated with State level Compliance tools, Accounting, Data Automation and Tax functions. Through its Cannabis Cloud, Figgro helps cannabis operators stay compliant, save time, increase output by automating complex productivity workflows while tracking regulated inventory throughout the cannabis supply chain. Figgro succeeds where standardized control systems fail by focusing on industry-specific process automation for the operators.

Industry Focus:
Figgro is perfectly tailored to the cannabis industry, which operates in a highly regulated environment. The platform addresses the unique challenges faced by cannabis operators, such as compliance with state and federal regulations, quality control, and managing the complexities of a rapidly growing industry.

Supply Chain Management:
The platform's primary focus is on optimizing the supply chain for cannabis products. It helps businesses manage their inventory, track product movement, monitor production processes, and ensure efficient distribution.

Inventory Management:
Figgro provides tools to manage inventory efficiently, allowing operators to track their products from cultivation to distribution. This is crucial for maintaining accurate records, optimizing stock levels, and preventing product shortages or surpluses.

Product Manufacturing:
Figgro provides productivity level tools that help operators efficiently make and track work in progress including yield optimization data insights.

Due to the legal and regulatory nature of the cannabis industry, compliance is of utmost importance. Figgro includes features that help operators adhere to relevant regulations, maintain proper documentation, and track all stages of the supply chain to ensure products are safe and legal.

Cloud Platform:
As a cloud-based solution, Figgro offers the advantage of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations or remote operations.

Streamlined Operations:
The platform’s various modules enable users to streamline their operational processes, reducing manual work and potential errors. This leads to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better resource allocation.

Data Insights:
With data being a valuable asset in any industry, Figgro provides tools to collect and analyze data from different stages of the supply chain. These insights can help businesses make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize their strategies.

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