Rebel Spirit Cannabis Company

cannabis diversity plan

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Rebel Spirit is a diverse organization of people from all walks of life. Brought together by a love of quality cannabis and the bit of rebel in us all, we care for the earth and its people.

Decades ago, a rebel, our dear friend Uncle Mark, planted an idea that seeded a generation of like-minded people for the 21st century. Unjustly incarcerated in the 1990s for growing the plant we love, Mark died in prison, but his Rebel Spirit lives on. Rebel Spirit is the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and the willingness to overcome the injustices of an oppressive era.

Because of Uncle Mark’s history, Last Prisoner Project’s mission resonates with us. LPP has done an excellent job of educating the public regarding the fact that the majority of folks suffering unjust punishment for marijuana ‘offenses’ are of color. Rebel Spirit is committed to community and inclusion; supporting LPP and BIPOCANN gives us a way to act on that commitment in a substantive way. 

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