National Cannabis Risk Management Association

Location: National (US)
Offices: Pittsburgh (PA), Cincinnati (OH), Boston (MA), Las Vegas (NV) 

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA)
is the only trade association that provides comprehensive and cost-effective risk management for the cannabis industry.

Their vision is to offer innovative risk management services that
will enable members to thrive from seed to consumer in the
emerging cannabis industry.

Their Cannabis Risk Protection Program offers company members a complimentary risk mitigation assessment, which is designed to improve overall business results, optimize operational efficiencies, decrease liability, and increase the bottom line

Their programming, NCRM Academy, offers 8 tracks and 30 risk education courses taught by cannabis industry experts on topics including:

– Cannabis Occupational Safety & Health
– Cannabis Disaster Preparation & Readiness
–  Cannabis Compliance
– Cannabis Product Safety