Location: Suffolk, Virginia

 LOCKGREEN products provide protection, promote safety, and support the values of responsible consumers in Virginia and beyond.

PROTECT the People

LOCKGREEN is on a mission to help prevent open container cannabis law violations by educating the community on cannabis laws and by providing locking stashboxes to use when traveling in your car with cannabis. As we always say, “Lock it up, and put it in your trunk!”

As a Virginia-based business, we released a Limited-Edition stash box that is locking, smell-proof, and water-resistant with a custom design that commemorates Virginia’s historic move to be the first state in the South to legalize adult-use cannabis. Get yours today while supplies last!

PROTECT your stash

LOCKGREEN offers many ways to protect your items in your stash box, from Pick and Pull Foam Inserts that customize to fit around your delicate items, to Black Glass Screw Top Jars that block your stored product from harmful light and offer an eco-friendly, reusable storage option, to Boost 2-way Humidity Regulators that maintain an ideal 62% humidity level in any sealed container for your herbs and flower.

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