HTBX International

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Location: Denver, Colorado

HTBX International is a strategic engagement, education and enterprise agency for the cannabis industry. HTBX brings over 14 years of experience working in the legal cannabis market, along with programming at industry events such as Cannabis Cup (2013), Cannabis Health & Wellness Fair (2018), and Denver’s first licensed cannabis consumption special events (2019-2020). HTBX International Founder was the first consumption special event license holder in Colorado.

Since 2020 the Company has dedicated its resources and value-driven relationships to empower social equity applicants, license-holders, and independent operators across the entire vertical spectrum in the cannabis industry.

In 2022, the Company co-developed HTBX Business Learning Services designed to assist BIPOC license holders through an in-person and digital business development cohort providing short and long-term educational resources, capital, advisory and network partnerships to support business owner success from start-up to exit.

HTBX International was founded in 2017 with an intentional diverse team following the mission to empower the cannabis community with the people, processes and products to create pathways for stability and success. 

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