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Location: Moffat, Colorado

Growzillas5280 LLC is a black-owned, licensed cultivator that provides high quality cannabis products in Colorado.

We will be knowledgeable according to industry standards and we will give our customers the kind of service that is respectful and prompt. Employees of Growzillas5280 LLC will also be treated in a professional manner with a rewarding work environment and fair compensation.

Growzillas5280 LLC wants each customer to feel as though he/she has gotten upscale knowledgeable treatment at a fair price. With high standards and the best service in the industry Growzillas5280 LLC has set a goal to achieve a customer return rate of 85%. Considering management’s previous track record in the business, we know that this will be achievable.

Our signature product, Cured Flower Strain, is ideal for state-wide manufacturers and dispensaries as Proper cannabis curing increases potency, improves flavor and quality of smoke, and preserves the cannabis. Growzillas5280 LLC will carry a wide variety of cured flower strains and educate its patrons regarding the difference in each product.