Cannabis Curious

Location: Onsted, Michigan

The Cannabis Curious is a place to shine a light on the stories of others. As cannabis legalization sweeps the globe, they are committed to finding and providing a platform for the many distinct voices in cannabis. Ashley Bowen, Founder, has always admired activists and entrepreneurs who stepped away from the crowd to relentlessly pursue a future others can’t yet see.

As a former regulatory professional, strategy and change management consultant, and chronic pain sufferer, cannabis legalization has her firing on all cylinders.  Cannabis Curious espouses the belief that cannabis legalization is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collectively shift our approach to medicine, create jobs and main street businesses, and rectify the racially motivated wrongs of prohibition. All great things! As the evolution continues, Cannabis Curious wants to be a place to intentionally preserve the history, spirituality, community, and culture of cannabis. Where old meets new and both worlds find a mutual respect and shared learning. 


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