CannaCULTURE Entertainment

cannabis industry journal

Location: Denver, Colorado

CannaCULTURE Enterntainment is a private event production company. We build community wealth in black and brown communities through experiences that de-stigmatize plant medicine. We curate a variety of inclusive events by offering community, corporate and private events, but specifically for your modern day cannabis consumer.

There are a plethora of ways to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle, whether it is through art, education, health, or social. So it’s our goal to truly be a bridge between culture and community, while also catering to those that believe in cannabis as a beneficial agent in their life.

Different types of events include, but are not limited to consumption friendly paint classes, team-building events, holistic healing classes, discussion panels (legal and entrepreneurial guide-type), infused cooking classes, holiday events, and social day parties.

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