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BeLeaf Co.

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Headquarters Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Beleaf Co. started as a non-profit company in the state of Missouri growing, extracting and producing a very effective oil for epilepsy patients. Today Beleaf Co. has three lines of CBD Hemp Oil products, all focused on purity and potency. 

Their flagship CBD line BeLeaf Life’s Oils are full-spectrum hemp oil; full-spectrum means their products don’t focus on one part of the plant by isolating only CBD.  They use the whole plant with all its natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, lipids and fats. While our Modifi brand is specifically formulated for pharmacies as a hemp-isolate oil; CBD oil that maintains no traces of THC. 

BeLeaf Co. proudly offers our THC forward brand suites of Sinse, Cuco and Amend. Sinse is focused on better brand strategy with superior quality in flower, vape/concentrate and edibles at a competitive price. To ensure affordable access to cannabis for all consumers, the Cuco (short for Culture Collective) Brand offers consistently high-quality cannabis at very affordable prices. In ongoing support of our medical product consumers, the Amend product line offers THC forward tinctures, balms, lotions, and suppositories. 

BeLeaf manages 5 retail outlets in and around the St Louis area under the ‘Swade’ brand name. With a community forward approach, Swade is an active and viable business partners that focus on responsible stewardship of brick and mortar dispensaries. 

All plants produced under BeLeaf Co are grown indoors in a state-of-the-art facility. BeLeaf is excited to continue operate crop production in neighborhoods such as South Benton Park St Louis, bringing over 60 jobs to a revitalizing neighborhood.  The plant material is extracted and packaged in a current GMP facility that is overseen by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  Every ounce of oil is tested by a third-party lab and each package tracks the results to this site for individuals to see.